Fengshui Master Introduction - Master Koh Leng Leng

Master Koh Leng Leng, has been a Legendary Fengshui Master from Malaysia, Batu Pahat, since a child. At 11 years old, she discover an abnormal magical power within herself through the inexplicable guidance of deities, self thought the art of palmistry through the supervision of these deities, without any formal palmistry training. It was unanimously acclaimed as the youngest Master in Malaysia during that period. Within a short period of 7 years, thousands of devotees came to seek clarifications of their destiny through her inexplicable powers.

In 1994, she started her own Fengshui Consultancy Services. She became a beacon light for many of her devotees, who came to seek guiding light from her to a brighter future.

She possessed the ancient old secret of travelling to “the other world” to help devotees resolve disputes and bridging gaps between the living and the deceased. At that tender age, youth and freedom is always a distant hope as she was ‘the chosen one’ to shoulder the heavy responsibility to help people seeking destiny guidance.

She plans to fold up her business in 5 years, but each time she decided to give up her white uniforms, detrimental disaster was awaiting to befall on her.

Soon, she realised that she cannot defy the will of God of Destiny as the “chosen one”, hence, she embark on a journey in God’s will and embrace the works under the guidance of Deities.

With the help of these deities, she diligently help devotees disentangle the cobweb of life, and brings prosperity with impartial virtuous benevolent to them.

Over the years of experience, her expertise has broaden from annual review of luck, work promotions, general fortune, marriage, etc. to fengshui consultancy of home, office, factory, new car blessing, pet blessing etc. paving the way to peace and guidance for her devotees.

With 85% of her clients from neighbouring Singapore, she only sees her clients on annual luck review and palmistry in her home office, while Monday and Tuesday will be reserved for fengshui consultancy projects.

While a typical palmistry consultation session may take only 15 minutes with other master, Master Koh Leng Leng’s personalised approach style can sometimes takes hours. This results from her strong belief that every clients’ queries should be treated seriously and with meticulous respect.

Due to her long list of clients, waiting time to meet Master Koh Leng Leng may take months, thus pre-booked early for your appointment is strongly advised.

What’s worth mentioning is Master Koh Leng Leng has an affordable based price, but some devotees generously gave beyond the based price, but Master Koh Leng Leng only accept the appropriate and reasonable amount based on the duration of the consultancy works.

Due to her long list of clients, waiting time for an appointment with Master Koh Leng Leng may take months, thus, pre-booked early for appointment date is strongly advised.

Besides Singapore and locals, Master Koh Leng Leng’s devoted clients spread across the vast globe from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Cambodia, Taiwan, South Africa, UAE-Dubai, Qatar-Doha Inan, Australia, New Zealand, USA and some European countries.


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